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Pepperdine University

The Student Experience

Students pray on the beach - Pepperdine University

Spiritual Life for Students at Pepperdine University

欧美viboss高清One of the rewards of pursuing a higher education at Pepperdine University is the unique opportunity for spiritual growth. By instilling a spirit of purpose in all aspects of daily life, Pepperdine strengthens character and helps clarify direction for students as they advance their educational and career goals.

Student with surfboard on the beach - Pepperdine University

Undergraduate Students

欧美viboss高清At Seaver College, spiritual life and campus life are thoughtfully intertwined. In addition to unique opportunities like beachside "Surf Convo" and "God in the Wilderness" retreats, undergraduates find inspiration in weekly convocation and academic courses taken through the college's Religion and Philosophy Division.

Spiritual Life Advisors in every dorm offer support and encouragement along the way.

A graduate student teaches an elementary school class - Pepperdine University

Graduate Students

欧美viboss高清Enhance your education through extracurricular offerings that nurture the spirit and help focus professional interests.

Pepperdine strengthens the foundation of higher learning by emphasizing purpose, service, and leadership - a part of the Christian university欧美viboss高清 mission that infuses all of our graduate programs.

Centers and Institutes - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Centers and Institutes

At Pepperdine, the integration of faith and learning is further explored through specialized centers and institutes. Some are school-specific, while others serve the university and its extended community.


Waves of Service project with books - Pepperdine University

Waves of Service

There's no need to wait until after graduation to make an impact. For more than 25 years, Pepperdine has empowered students to contribute beyond their educational goals through community partnerships, student leadership, and global programs.

Chaplain Sara Barton - Pepperdine University

Meet the Chaplain

欧美viboss高清Our University Chaplain Sara Barton welcomes members of the Pepperdine community whenever talk, prayer, or one-on-one spiritual guidance is needed.

Students at a booth on campus - Pepperdine University

Student Life at Pepperdine

Pepperdine student community connects beyond the classroom through organizations, service opportunities, academic clubs and more.

Pepperdine Campus Ministry logo - Pepperdine University

欧美viboss高清Pepperdine's Campus Ministry is a group of college age men and women embarking on a journey of faith that welcomes people from all walks of life, regardless of personal background or religious experience, to come and join on this journey.