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Get Involved with Alumni Affairs

欧美viboss高清Pepperdine alumni are committed to service. We recognize that our alumni have so much to offer beyond just financial giving. Opportunities include regional engagement, councils, and more.

Waves of Service

If you are an alumnus seeking ways to help others, Waves of Service can help you take the next step forward by uniting a community of people who love what they do and feel that it matters. Visit the Waves of Service website for more information.

Regional Volunteer Leaders

We rely on alumni around the world to help us engage local alumni, speak to current or prospective students, and maintain a global presence. Email alumni@mengyaozhao.com欧美viboss高清 for more information on chapter and regional leadership opportunities.

Alumni Leadership Council

Founded in 2006, the Alumni Leadership Council欧美viboss高清 represents our alumni constituents and advise the University on matters related to alumni communications and engagement.

Alumni Engagement Five-Year Strategic Plan

This University-wide blueprint was developed in 2017 with the aim of fostering a mutual commitment between Pepperdine and its alumni, executed in a more purposeful way than ever before. Find out more including ways you can be involved欧美viboss高清.

Give to Pepperdine

Financial gifts from alumni provide an immediate impact for our students, faculty, staff, and facilities. Alumni participation in annual giving also helps improve Pepperdine's ranking, setting up the University for long-term success and increasing the value of your degree. Donate today to support a school, program, or club that's important to you.