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Pepperdine University

Pepperdine At a Glance



Invest in what matters

Pepperdine University has top-ranked programs for graduate and undergraduate studies, with separate schools dedicated to business, education and psychology, law, liberal arts, and public policy. Over 84% of our students get hands-on experience through student employment, student teaching, and internships.


5 separate graduate and undergraduate schools - Pepperdine University

73 degree programs across 5 schools - Pepperdine University

12.5:1 student-teacher ratio across 5 schools - Pepperdine University

Number 29 Best Value Schools - U.S. News and World Report - Pepperdine University

Number 9 Best College Value School in the West/Southwest - Kiplinger - Pepperdine University

Number 10 Most Entrepreneurial Universities - Forbes - Pepperdine University



Study in a beautiful place...

Our stunning 830-acre Malibu campus is located 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles. We also have five graduate campuses across Southern California.

...or find the location that most inspires you

欧美viboss高清Pepperdine has six permanent international campuses and additional study and internship programs on six continents.

International Programs

#8 Most Beautiful Campus - Pepperdine University

International Programs Students with Crepes - Pepperdine University

11th Most Popular Study Abroad Program in the Nation - The Princeton Review - Pepperdine University


Get in on the action

Pepperdine's NCAA athletic program comprises eight men's and nine women's Division I teams, 13 national championships, and 12 individual championships. Our graduates include 48 Olympians and 6 gold medalists.


17 Total NCAA Division 1 Teams, 7 Olympic Gold Medalists, 25 Total National Championships - Pepperdine University

Waves playing baseball - Pepperdine University



Look within...

Founded in the Church of Christ tradition, Pepperdine University proudly upholds Christian values. We believe these values complement and support the pursuit of knowledge.

..and find spirit in diversity

欧美viboss高清All faith backgrounds are encouraged to explore their spirit at Pepperdine.


51% Other Christian, 32% Unstated, 7% Church of Christ, 4% Muslim Hindu Buddhist Other, 2% Jewish - Pepperdine University



Make an impact

It's part of our University mission to help you help others. Our Volunteer Center欧美viboss高清 enables students at every level to affect change on a local, national, and global level.

Student volunteers at Step Forward Day - Pepperdine University


Explore culture

The Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts on our Malibu campus includes four facilities – three theatres and the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art.


Theatre students - Pepperdine University

Glance Dance - Pepperdine University

Weisman Museum - Pepperdine University



Join in our commitment

欧美viboss高清As a result of our commitment to sustainability, The Princeton Review recognizes Pepperdine on its list of Green Colleges.

  • 500+ acres of the Malibu campus are preserved in a native state
  • Sustainable Commute provides incentives for carpooling and mass transit
  • Green building emphasizes energy efficiency, reduced topographical grading, and optimal solar orientation

99% of on-campus irrigation is recycled water - Pepperdine University



Advance in good company

欧美viboss高清Our alumni network has 32 chapters and affinity programs in the U.S. and abroad.

110,000+ Alumni in the U.S. and abroad - Pepperdine University